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Hot Seat at Home

Mastermind Edition
By Owen Cook

Owen Cook is the co-founder and Messiah for the SMC community. He started SMC in 2002 and he has been coaching and teaching success with women and self-development ever since. Hot Seat at Home Mastermind is Owen’s premier digital dating course, jam-packed with core curriculum, hidden camera infield cold-approach demonstrations and breakdown, bonuses, missions and and exercises to help men around the world get insane results with women that they could only DREAM of before.

With game-changing personal missions and hours of premium in-field and coaching content – people from all over the world are joining the Hot Seat at Home Mastermind tribe to experience Tyler’s BEST work to date. Align with a world-class pioneer in the dating industry and promote Hot Seat at Home to your follower-base!

We have fine-tuned The Hot Seat at Home Mastermind to be the most high-impact, life-changing program that exists anywherein the world – there is nothing else like it – period.

Transformation Mastery

By Julien Blanc

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Transformation Mastery is SMC’s top-selling self-development product

The Natural

by SMC Max

The Natural is all-out MONSTER. Released in July 2016, this online course broke every sales record that SMC tracks. It has created a cult-like following amongst those that have purchased it and consistently gets rave reviews on online dating forums.

The Natural provides a complete curriculum that teaches everything a man needs to know to be successful with women. A few highlights of the program are… ELEVEN HOURS of hidden camera “how to approach women” demonstration and breakdown, a Tinder strategy module, and 5 powerful bonuses that will provide your audience with EVERYTHING they need in order to get their dating life HANDLED. Invite your followers to experience the best and most complete dating course ever created!

The Natural is our highest priced digital course!

Selling JUST ONE platinum tier version of The Natural will get you $449!


By SMC Jeffy

This one-of-a-kind digital dating course teaches buyers to develop jaw-dropping vocal tonality, storytelling skills, and side-splitting humor.

SMC Jeffy is notorious for his booming voice, confidence and charisma. In Resonator, he teaches a comprehensive and practical understanding of how to project a voice and vibe that will command a woman’s attention.

No other dating program on the market offers the tools to build these skill sets, and offering this product will set you apart from the masses.


by SMC Max

This unique program offers your audience the chance to conquer their greatest obstacle – Fear. With a powerful core curriculum and transformational exercises, SMC Max guides viewers on an inner journey to eliminate social fear and achieve their life goals.

Max consistently releases top-selling products – and Fearless is no exception. People from all over the world are joining the Fearless tribe, cash in on Max’s growing brand by promoting Fearless.

Social Circle Blueprint 2.0

By RSD Luke

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The Social Circle Blueprint

By SMC Luke

SMC Luke programs sell incredibly well. His brash style of communication and unique approaches to Social Circle dating have quickly made him a fan favorite.

The Social Circle Blueprint provides buyers with an A-Z blueprint on how to accelerate their life by building and leveraging relationships with beautiful women, high-status business connections and new powerful friends.

This product sells to men that want to build a well-rounded, abundant social life – especially to those who are looking for an alternative to the traditional dating scenes (online or bars/clubs).

The #1 Way to Maximize Every Approach, Expand Your Social Circle, and Achieve the High-Level Success You’re After.

Madison Bootcamp at Home

By SMC Madison

Madison Bootcamp at Home is the “at-home” version of SMC’s world-class live Bootcamp experience (where an instructor takes a student out to bars and clubs to coach them on how to meet women).

This digital course is cleanly packaged and organized in a carefully-designed online curriculum. Inside the program, Madison leads the student through a carefully designed test to determine their specific issues. Once the student is diagnosed, they are taken on a personalized learning tracked tailor-made to their specific dating personality.

This program is for buyers who are ready to uncover their hidden sticking-points and take serious action to accelerate the dating life.

The World’s First Online PERSONALIZED COACHING Program to ELIMINATE Your Sticking Points, OBLITERATE Your Blind Spots and Get You GUARANTEED RESULTS.


By SMC Madison

Boss is SMC Madison’s comprehensive dating system to not just hit your results, but to blow past them. To not just get the girl, but have her get you. To not just overcome your fears, but to make them work for you. BOSS will show you how to take your game to the next level, bring you in alignment with yourself as a man, and become the best version of yourself you can be.

Boss by Madison is the ultimate guide through one’s “Hero’s Journey”, and people from all walks of life are jumping on board to experience Madison’s elite mentorship.


By SMC Julien

Julien’s brash delivery and aggressive marketing with Pimp made it one of the most successful dating courses SMC has ever released. Pimp is an A-Z masterclass in everything a man needs to know in order to approach, seduce and take home the girl he is after

Topics inside Pimp are: Female Psychology, Developing Social Intuition, Making Her Chase, Holding Interesting Conversations, Phone Game, Dates, etc.

Make Girls BEG To Sleep With You After SHORT-CIRCUITING Their Emotional And Logical Mind Into A Million Reasons Why They Should…


By SMC Julien

Julien’s sophomore program Shift evolves from Pimp and puts a major focus on the inner confidence and belief structures that a man must develop to become successful with women

During the course, Julien breaks down every single detail about his game – his behaviors, mindsets, and techniques – then he utilizes some brain-frying hidden camera infield videos to teach students how to do EVERYTHING from open to close.

The World’s First Bootcamp-in-a-Box,To Make You
(Approach, Attract, Sleep With & Date)


By SMC Julien

At its most foundational level, TenGame is made up of the 10 Laws of Game. These laws are the foundational concepts that lie at the CORE of all game. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced – these 10 Laws encompass everything that there is when it comes to success with women.

Approach Anxiety, Confidence, Congruence, Conversation, Escalation and everything in between is covered in-depth within TenGame. It contains brand new content, HOURS of broken-down infield footage, interactive exercises, infield missions and much, MUCH more…

SMC Founders Club

By Nicholas Kho

In Founders Club, Nicholas Kho gives you the KEYS to MASSIVE business and networking success through a step-by-step blueprint and mastermind group

SMC Founders Club is for students that are interested in the secrets behind building a multi-million dollar company and achieving business success.

(50% COMMISSION = $99 TO $249 PER SALE!)


by SMC Max

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