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You will get 50% commission on EVERY Digital Course that SMC has ever created and all future programs we release. Here’s our comprehensive list. That’s a minimum of $99 and maximum of $449 per Digital Program referral, making us the industry leader in commission.

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Get awarded commission for any visitor who clicks your affiliate link and signs up within 30 days. This means, when a customer clicks any affiliate link in your platform, your unique affiliate link id is stored in a cookie, within the customer’s browser. If the customer makes a purchase within those 30 days, then you are automatically entitled to the commission sale, producing more cash in your pockets.

Get your own private affiliate web-based portal to track your earnings and give you reports in real time, this is the same portal used today by Fortune 500 Companies.

SMC handles all credit cards, checks, shipping orders, and customer service so you can enjoy your leisure time pursuing your own interests, aside from making passive income.

Get friendly affiliate customer service and sales representatives to answer every question you may have about your account.


Step 1: Fill out this quick 2-minute form to get your affiliate profile setup. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE FORM.

Step 2: Once the form is filled out, you will receive a “Welcome Package” via email that will give you details about your account and assign you special links required to start tracking your sales. This email is usually sent within 24-hours of form submission.

Step 3: The “Welcome Package” email will include a URL that you can use to see your statistics and earnings in real time. It will also include step-by-step instructions on how to set up the links on your platform… It will also include additional direction and instructions that will make your setup as easy as possible.

Step 4: Receive high-quality graphic banners that you can use on your site, as well as free content-rich articles by Self Mastery Co that you can post to boost traffic and generate high click-throughs. Click HERE to get graphic banners (and remember to add your affiliate URL link code).

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Affiliates may also join our link exchange program, where we will put a link on our website if you place a link to us on your website. You can join this program by sending an email to


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We’ve hosted parties for entertainment elites at the Playboy Mansion, famous celebrity after-parties at our Hollywood Hills Mansion, top fashion/style networking events in our Las Vegas Mansion, and even money-making philanthropy events to give back to our community. If you find yourself near one of our spectacular events, consider yourself invited.